The Deli(cious) Stories immerse you in the exhilarating origins of recipes like meringue, caramel, yemas, cheesecake, speculoos, kaya, that even today, inspire the greatest cooks of this world and each one of us too, whether we are novices or long-time devotees.

You will discover ten stories and inspiring recipes, linked with Puratos Deli products. We invite you to continue to amaze us and tantalise our taste buds by revisiting, according to your own desires and imagination, these authentic and truly fascinating recipes.

Deli…cious taste of authentic recipes

Each Deli product is inspired by an authentic and timeless recipe (of the finished good, like cheesecake; or of the product, like speculoos).

The Deli range is made from the finest ingredients. Only noble and natural ingredients like cheese, eggs, butter are used. The result is perfectly textured and exquisitely flavoured.

The Deli range is a range of filling preparations with a premium taste and creamy texture.

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